Welcome to Chaya Estates, the home of Chaya (Spinach Tree)

We are the developers and protectors of our wild medical plants in South Africa.

We are the sole breeders, developers and manufacturing of Chaya products in South Africa under regulations and law. We do not take any responsible for any products that use the name of Chaya that are sold in South Africa.

The registered owners of Chaya in South Africa are Chaya Estates Pty Ltd   Any business or company that sell Chaya named products must prove the legal permission to sell their products.

Legal and tested Chaya products that are 100% organic grown and harvest, are been sold by Chaya Estates Pty Ltd and Chaya Health Pty Ltd.

Chaya Estates main objective is to:

Do research and development of Indigenous medical plants that are grown in the wild in Lowveld of Mpumalanga. We take great care that any harm of destroying “God’s gift” is taken when harvesting or propagation of the plants are done.

Take care of the wild animals that feed on the plants

Introduce and bring in more wild animals on our property that are safe and protected to graze natural

Introduce natural wild plants to the community to help save and protect them which at the present are been destroyed for financial gain.

To protect the wild animals and wild plants in a natural environment

We thank you for visiting Chaya Estates website. It is not only about a “Website” but to experience our personal passion and commitment to life a healthy, happy and normal lifestyle in the current and future generations and to share this with all people.

Our website is about to share with you what all of us is capable to achieve. All your dreams and wishes can be accomplish only by YOU and only YOU, with you’re totally commitment, yes it is not easy but I can promise you, you have the ability….

Chaya Estates was developed and establish out of the seed that were planted in me the day of birth, only that I discovery it at a late age of my life. Search this seed in your mind, feed it and use it and achieve the goals in your life.

I, Rian Gouws, the father, creator and establisher of Chaya, tree spinach in South Africa only start feeding and using the seed of knowledge in my mind when I was diagnosed with diabetes. Chaya was discovered trough my depth research on Indigenous plant knowledge systems.  My healing trough Chaya led me to research on rediscovering the age old medicinal healing plants growing in the wild that is now replaced by western medicine.

All living creations and plants on earth was created by GOD and the plants HE created was for all of us to use to life a healthy life and not the fast and un- healthy food that we use in our daily life created by people for mass production.