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In 2009, one of the directors, Rian Gouws was diagnosed as a type2 diabetic. Prescribed medicine just controlled his blood sugar levels but his body condition still weakens. He had to close down his building construction business to very poor health. Just to mention a couple health problems was his feet, eyesight, hands and loss of energy. The pain in his feet was so bad that he only could uses sheep skin shoes to walk. He could not walk bare feet and tried lots of products to relief the pain, without any success. He could drive a vehicle anymore.

 He heard from a friend to “Google” to search for information that could help. Rian did not know what google was. Since he had no knowledge about computers and internet he went to a shop to buy Google, it was a big joke in the store. He purchases a computer with all the necessary equipment and with help from friends he taught himself. He achieved via internet a Diploma in International Trade in 2010 and today he is even

designing his flyers and website on his own.

 After 3 months and hours of research he discovered the Chaya plants, no Chaya plants were available in South Africa and he imported 3

Chaya varieties from Mexico. After research and development and support from DAFF he developed his own variety Cnidoscolus Pohl ‘Riana’

 Rian started in 2014 using Chaya leaves which he cooked and eat and adding it in most of his dishes. He also started making tea of the Chaya add some lemon juice and honey and then fridge it for use as ice tea. After more research and development he started drying the leaves in solar sun dryers and started manufacturing Chaya( Spinach Tree) capsules and dried leaves for easier to use.

Chaya is not an overnight cure, only after using it for about 3 months he started feeling the healing effect.

 Today he walks barefoot on the ground, no more pain in his feet and driving again. He does not use any prescription medication for his diabetes.  Chaya change his whole life to normal again. We just get possible feedback on people using Chaya(Spinach Tree).

Department of Science and Technology approach us that Chaya(Spinach Tree) be implemented  in the Indigenous Knowledge System in South Africa.

Our Chaya trees grow organically and only organic compost are been used. We do not use any chemicals on our Chaya trees.

All our products is 100% organic.